All – PFAS meeting at Town Hall tonight; Town Council meeting next Monday postponed from last Monday; Convention update; and RDTC meeting minutes below/


September RDTC minutes. 1

Bus Petition: 2

Haitian Creole on Randolph ballot 2

Gateway City Home Rule Petition. 3

Transfer Station Meeting: 3

Green Community. 3

Candidate Roundup. 4

Treasurer's Update. 5

Scholarship Committee Update. 5

Legislative Updates. 5

Danielle Allen Proposal for next meeting: 7

Town Council Meetings update. 9

Diana DiZoglio auditing the Legislature. 11

Convention Update: Convention Day Events. 12

Volunteer at Convention.. 12

Rep. Seth Moulton: Vote for Vets at the MassDems Convention. 13



September RDTC minutes

Meeting live and via Zoom - Tuesday, Sept 5, 2023



Jesse Gordon (chairing until second half); Toby Lynne Schwartz (chairing second half); Kevin Coleman Joyce; Kate Shore; Ida Gordon (and granddaughter); Judy Conway; Sandi Cohen.


Partial participants: Guerlince Semerzier came to Executive Committee meeting to say hello and then proceeded to the DEI meeting at the RICC at the same time. Dave Harris came from the RICC DEI meeting at the very end of the meeting. Kathleen Crogan-Camara checked in, texting the chair from attending the Milton Select Board meeting to talk about the Chickatawbut intersection, but was disallowed from speaking even though she claimed "stakeholder" status in the same manner as a Milton resident spoke at the previous Randolph Town Council meeting about the same issue.


Call to Order

Time 7:08


Introductions and acceptance of July minutes

Add Cynthia Strong to attendees



Early reports by Jesse


Bus Petition:

Several people have asked at Town Council meetings about feasibility study and TC President said "It's all up to the Town Manager and we can trust that it'll all happen by June 2024" -- but no details.


Jesse has been distributing thousands of Bus Flyers -- and it was the Topic of the Week on Facebook-ER last week.  


Kevin pointed out that the RICC shuttle van for seniors has been cut in its hours and days of service for budgetary reasons and may speak at the Town Council about how the shuttle van could fill in. Recommend others to speak at Town Council too, to keep the process moving.


Haitian Creole on Randolph ballot

Sent to legislature as a Home Rule Petition - filed as Bill HD.4474

Please contact our delegation to ask them to co-sponsor (Rep. Driscoll introduced it). And to other Haitian-Creole-speaking communities to join in (a couple other town's councilors write back to say "we'll see what happens with yours").


Kate looked up the bill and it is currently co-sponsored by Rep. Driscoll and Sen. Timilty, and on August 7 was referred to the Committee on Election Laws. Recommend that people contact Rep. Ayers and Sen. Brady asking them to co-sponsor.


Jesse is distributing flyers to Haitian-Creole-speaking voters, asking them to do the same as above.


Gateway City Home Rule Petition

Received favorable ruling from the Census -- our population now officially exceeds 35,000!


But now must pass Town Council to send in as a Home Rule Petition. Town Council pushback on many issues -- will be hashed out in Economic Development Subcommittee next week or so -- Jesse asked MassINC to attend and bring Gateway City supporters from Brockton and Quincy. No longer calling it "Gateway City" because of the pushback -- now it's "Small City State Grant Program".


Transfer Station Meeting:

Holbrook Conservation Committee on July 17 denied permit for TLA trash transfer station. Sandi Cohen, Toby and Jesse attended; Toby and Jesse also attended a follow-up meeting at the Holbrook Library to send letters to the Milton Board of Health, asking them to block TLA permits like the Holbrook ConComm did.


Jesse introducing two resolutions: one for DPW to conduct water & soil PFAS tests; and one to empower ConComm to have permit-seekers pay for PFAS testing. Brought to Holbrook once (with Toby); will be on Sept. 11 agenda but TC President will immediately send to Committee because it's a complicated issue. Plan is to discuss fully at Subcommittee, and make a video.


Green Community

Expecting pushback when introduced later this year, so plan is to follow Bridgewater's example - create Energy Committee first and conduct energy audit (with free service from state). Energy Committee will be part of MPIC (Master Plan Implementation Committee) -- anyone interested?


Energy Committee and energy audit, when completed along with 4 other criteria, get Randolph a $230,000 to implement the findings of the energy audit at our discretion. In other words, we get a large state grant for the purpose of improving energy efficiency in old town buildings and town vehicles -- which means we get PAID to cut the Town's electric and gas bills! (a "no-brainer")


Randolph is one of the last communities to become a Green Community. In our region, all towns are Green Communities except Randolph, Avon, Holbrook, and West Bridgewater. The towns that DO participate in the program include all our other neighbors: Quincy, Weymouth, Braintree, Milton, Canton, Stoughton, Sharon, Easton, Brockton, Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Whitman, Hanover, Halifax, and Hanson!


Candidate Roundup

Nomination signature papers are due in two weeks -- Ida Gordon will host a "Meet-and-Greet" (just in time for signatures) for Town Council and School Committee candidates on Sunday Sept 24 from 2 PM to 4:30 PM at her home -- RSVP to



Beverly Roby

Jamie Ackles

Lisa Millwood

Andrea Nixon

Cheryl Frazier (certified)

Jim Burgess

Ida Gordon (she reports that one more candidate will pull papers this week)

NOT Sackeena Richards



Patrick Kanza

Jesse Gordon (certified)

Bill Alexopoulos

Andrew Pemberton

Richard Brewer (certified)

Guerlince Semerzier

Cynthia Strong

Natacha Clerger

Cheryl Lloyd

Jim Burgess

NOT Ryan Egan



1: Kevin O'Connell

1: John Pemberton (father of Andrew Pemberton who is running at-large)

2. Arthur Goldstein (withdrew)

2. Brandon Thompson

2: Daija Kirkland

3: Katrina Huff-Larmond (certified)

4: Christos Alexopoulos

4: NOT Cynthia Strong (she's running at-large)


Toby chairing:

Officers, Committees or Subcommittee Reports:


Treasurer's Update

Total from summer BBQ = net $344.54   

$1438.22 including $100 from Senator Warnock which never got cashed.


Scholarship Committee Update

Now we have more than enough for this year's awards (to be distributed later this year). Waiting for our two current winners to submit their grades from their first semester of college, then we sned them checks. In January, RHS starts the process all over again.


Legislative Updates

1.End of Life Options Act H2246/S1331

Sen. Brady is now in support.


2. Mass Care/Single Payer Program

Chris S. will update next time.


3. Voting Access Act

Chris S. will update next time.


4. Decriminalizing Street Workers H.1597, S.983.

Chris S. will update next time.


Randolph Legislative Updates

Moved to earlier on the agenda


State Dem Committee and Convention Update –

Kevin: Report on State Dem Committee meeting from August 24th. And Convention on September 23.


Convention attendance is expected to be down because it is seen as an uneventful year. There will be 3 or 4 resolutions to be voted on, to make a more democratic process. The State Auditor will also introduce a ballot initiative to get her audit of the state legislature onto the statewide ballot -- that takes 75,000 signatures. (Sandi raised the issue of hybrid attendance but it's a no-go).


See three notes on Convention topics in email threads below!




Transfer Station Meeting:

See above!


Green Community

See above!



Bus Petition:

See above!!


Toxic Decisions at Town Council

Follow up?



Next Town Council meetings: Sept. 11 then two subcommittee meetings in the following week


Ida Gordon will host a "Meet-and-Greet" for Town Council and School Committee candidates on Sunday Sept 24 from 2 PM to 4:30 PM at her home -- RSVP to




Monthly meeting: Thursday, Oct 5, @ 7:00-8:30 pm in person and Zoom Executive Committee @ 6:30 pm in person and Zoom


Adjournment at 7:59 PM


Danielle Allen Proposal for next meeting:

Danielle Allen (former Gubernatorial candidate would like to discuss a proposal for the creation of a MassDems Commission on Healthy Democracy.


"We continue to have much to celebrate in Massachusetts with the remarkable Democratic victories in statewide elections last November and a terrific slate of Constitutional officers, from the Governor on down. The Democratic Party in Massachusetts finds itself in a position of extraordinary strength thanks to your remarkable leadership. 

"Recognizing this strength and the opportunity to advance the cause of democracy and simultaneously strengthen our party further, a small informal committee consisting of myself, Steve Grossman (former Treasurer and MassDems Chair), and Mayor Nicole LaChapelle of Easthampton met all year to develop a proposal for a MassDems Commission on Healthy Democracy. You can find the proposal for the Commission and background materials here:

"In particular, MassDems could simultaneously advance the cause of democracy and its own strength by working through party processes to build on three key principles: inclusion, engagement, and competitive elections.

"We'd love to visit your DTC meeting to share our proposal with you and to engage your members in a discussion of it. We are seeking to win your support for the proposal to Chair Kerrigan that he establish this Commission.

"We'd be honored to have a place on your agenda for an upcoming meeting. If your committee would be interested, please RSVP here:




Town Council Meetings update


The Town Council meeting of September 11 (last Monday) was postponed until next Monday. I am holding a Subcommittee meeting this evening at 6PM at Town Hall on PFAS testing and PFAS remediation – I will record it and put it on RCTV. The bus petition feasibility study is not on the agenda but is a good subject for Public Comments on Monday Sept. 18


On the agenda for next Monday Sept 18:

The Council President has approved the following three Resolutions for Monday's agenda: 


1. Resolution 2023-001: Resolution Concerning Testing of PFAS Soils and Surface Waters for PFAS
2. Resolution 2023-002: Concerning Conservation Commission Review of PFAS
3. Resolution 2023-003: Resolution Concerning the Town of Randolph Becoming a Member of the Brockton Area Transit Authority ("BAT")





Wed Sep 13, 2023


6pm - 8pm Human Services/Seniors/Recreation Subcommittee Meeting


Created by: Natalie Oliveras


Fri Sep 15, 2023


3pm - 6pm Randolph Spirit Night

Where: Randolph High School, 70 Memorial Pkwy, Randolph, MA 02368, USA

Created by: Natalie Oliveras

Description: Location: Baseball Field behind Randolph High School


Sat Sep 16, 2023

9am - 4:30pm Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

Where: Randolph InterGenerational Center (RICC), 128 Pleasant St, Randolph, MA

02368, USA



Created by: Natalie Oliveras

Description: To register, please contact:, or call



11am - 12pm Composting with the MA Horticulural Society

Where: Turner Free Library, 2 N Main St, Randolph, MA 02368, USA

Created by: Natalie Oliveras


To Register:


Sun Sep 17, 2023


12pm - 4pm Kayaking at Powers Farm

Created by: Natalie Oliveras


FREE- Randolph Residents Only. 30 minute max if people are waiting


12pm - 4pm Main Street Farmers - Artisan Market 2023

Where: Powers Farm Road, Powers Farm Rd, Randolph, MA 02368, USA

Created by: Natalie Oliveras


Mon Sep 18, 2023


6pm - 7pm Town Council Meeting

Created by: Natalie Oliveras

Diana DiZoglio auditing the Legislature


The State Auditor will circulate a Resolution at the Convention in support of her audit of the State Legislature. You can sign as a delegate to get a vote at the Convention; then you can sign as a voter to get the issue onto the November ballot.


On Wednesday, September 6, 2023 at 07:31:30 AM EDT, MASSterList <> wrote:




By Sam Drysdale, Erin Tiernan and Eric Convey — with help from Keith Regan


Ballot question smorgasbord faces reality with Attorney General’s announcement today


Among some of the topics sure to stir up the most buzz is Auditor Diana DiZoglio's bid to explicitly permit her office to probe the Legislature — the latest move in her high-profile transparency fight against Beacon Hill's most powerful players. DiZoglio claims that the auditor already has this power, though House Speaker Ron Mariano and Senate President Karen Spilka have made it clear that they don't agree. 

Convention Update: Convention Day Events


Several email updates on Convention events


On Friday, September 8, 2023 at 06:15:28 PM EDT, Steve Kerrigan <> wrote:





While all of you are delegates, that doesn’t mean you can’t volunteer! Sign up here to volunteer at the 2023 MassDems Convention in Lowell on Saturday, September 23rd. Please share this sign up form with your friends, kids, and family–volunteering at Convention can be a great way to get involved with the party.



On Wednesday, September 13, 2023 at 10:45:37 AM EDT, Joe Sherlock <> wrote:




I am writing with a final reminder to please fill out this survey if you plan to attend on attending a training in the morning.



With this being an Action Agenda convention, we’re starting the convention morning with trainings to empower all convention attendees to take action over the coming year. Training sessions will be focused on organizing locally, nationally, and running for office. Survey results will assist us in making sure attendees have the best experience possible. Please note: trainings will take place from 8 to 9 AM, before the convention is officially gaveled in.


We will offer three trainings:

Thanks so much. See you in Lowell!




Joe Sherlock

Executive Director

Massachusetts Democratic Party



Rep. Seth Moulton: Vote for Vets at the MassDems Convention


On Saturday, September 9, 2023 at 04:36:29 PM EDT, Matt Chilliak <> wrote:



Hello Delegate,


I'm Rep. Moulton's political director, and I just wanted to follow up on his email below to invite you to one of our upcoming info sessions and supporter phone banks for this proposal. 


If you can't make it but have any questions, please feel free to respond to me directly. Or drop in at our sponsored breakfast in the Talon Room at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell on the morning of the convention (Saturday, 9/23, 9am).






---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Seth Moulton <>
Date: Fri, Sep 8, 2023 at 7:26 PM
Subject: Vote for Vets at the MassDems Convention
To: Team Moulton <>

To the Delegates of the Massachusetts Democratic Party:


Congratulations on becoming a delegate for this year’s Massachusetts Democratic Party convention in Lowell!


As a delegate, you’ll have the opportunity to represent your community and vote on matters that will help shape the future of the Democratic Party and our Commonwealth. One of the items you’ll be voting on will be my resolution to include veterans among add-on delegates at future conventions. 


I’m proud to be part of a party that understands the importance of inclusive political representation. We rightfully have adopted gender parity for electing delegates at caucuses and include add-on delegate spots for LGBTQ+ individuals, those with disabilities, youth, and underrepresented ethnic and racial groups. These inclusive initiatives make the Democratic Party the party that actually represents the Commonwealth, and we are stronger for it. 


It’s time to take action to ensure that veterans are represented in the same way.


This effort is supported by a diverse group of voices across the Commonwealth, including Governor Maura Healey and the MassDems Veterans and Military Families subcommittee. 


Veterans make up 4% of our state’s population. They vote at higher rates than the population and want to be involved. Studies also show that veterans are more likely to volunteer and fix problems in their communities. 


Veterans understand the importance of political leadership. More importantly, they understand the consequences of failed political leadership because many went to war because of it. Despite everything they have sacrificed for our country, vets often face tremendous challenges reintegrating into civilian life. 


I ran for Congress because I saw first-hand the consequences of failed leadership in Washington when I served in Iraq. Since being elected, I have made it my mission to serve, and encourage others to serve, in order to improve people's lives and strengthen our democracy. Many vets believe in that fundamentally democratic mission as well, and we can do more to welcome them into our party!


My political organization, Serve America, supports the next generation of Democratic leaders from diverse service backgrounds to run for federal office. We should encourage veterans here in Massachusetts to do the same, and that starts at the grassroots—with local communities and the party membership. 


The more we can do as the Massachusetts Democratic Party to welcome veterans into our midst, the stronger our party will be at beating back Republican extremists. 


We have a chance to take back what it means to be patriotic from extremists who seek to exploit our differences for political gain instead of bringing us together to get things done. Members of the armed services are an increasingly diverse population, with 41% identifying as part of a minority community. They understand political courage: standing up to do what’s right, even—or especially—when it’s hard.


It is with the utmost respect for our party, and for the processes in place that govern it, that I ask for your support in bringing this resolution to the floor of the MassDems 2023 convention for a vote by elected and appointed delegates. 


All the best,


Congressman Seth Moulton


P.S. You can learn more about the resolution on our fact sheet, where you can read the amendment language, the media coverage, and the FAQ.  



Seth Moulton

Donate: Moulton Leadership Fund | @SethMoulton



Matt Chilliak
Campaign Manager
Moulton for Congress
Phone:(978) 809-2757